1. Initiate, formulate, execute, monitor and evaluate policies relating to Women

Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

  1. Liaise with women voluntary organizations.
  2. Co-ordination of the activities of women non-governmental organizations.
  3. Liaison with international bodies on women programmes.
  4. Promotion of Women Co-operative Societies.
  5. Women education – vocational and functional training.
  6. Mobilization of women through public enlightenment programmes.
  7. Promotion of small-scale industries/commercial activities amongst women groups.
  8. Co-ordination of ministerial programmes for women.
  9. Data bank/information centres on women programmes.
  10. Technical assistance to women groups.
  11. Identification of needs and promotion of economic activities of women in rural areas
  12. Income generating programmes for Women.
  13. Promotion of arts and crafts produced by women entrepreneur for exports.
  14. Managing women development and encouraging solidarity among Women groups.