1. Publicity and Mass Media
  2. Public Relations of Government
  3. Registration of Newspapers and Magazines
  4. Supervision of katsina television  and radio station
  5. Supervision of katsina State Printing Corporation
  6. Initiate, formulate, execute, monitor and evaluate policies relating to Tourism, Arts and Culture.
  7. Promotion of investment in hotels and development of tourism projects
  8. Tourism promotion and information dissemination
  9. Establishment of tourism development fund
  10. Hotel licensing
  11. Relations with tourism related institutions
  12. Tourism research and development and hospitality training
  13. Relations with religious organizations
  14. Supervision of Pilgrims Welfare Boards.
  15. Control of money lenders
  16. Coordination of State Celebrations and Ceremonies including National Day and Armed Forces Remembrance Day
  17. Matters relating to public holidays and festival days
  18. Initiate, Formulate, execute, monitor and evaluate policies relating to Home Affairs.
  19. Citizenship matters.
  20. Home Affairs issues in the State including processing of registration forms of social clubs and religious organizations
  21. Liaison with Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC)
  22. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Governor.