1. Health policy/plan formulation and legislation
  2. Development and implementation of strategies for Health Sector Reform, including promotion of public-private partnership in health.
  3. Development of capacity for generation and utilization of evidence-based data and information for health policy, strategy and plan development/implementation (Health Management Information System).
  4. Health manpower development (medical, nursing and allied training institutions) and planning including enhancement of human resource, administrative and financial management capacity of health and health-related professionals.
  5. Primary Health Care including: Strengthening of capacity of local governments to manage health programs and plans, strengthening of programs and initiatives for monitoring/control/elimination/ eradication of specific preventable diseases (malaria; tuberculosis; HIV/AIDS; Vaccine Preventable Diseases e.g. measles, tetanus, poliomyelitis), Improvement of access to reproductive/sexual health services and information including Family Planning, Encouragement and facilitation of ownership, responsibility and accountability of health programs, plans and actions at the community level, Rural Health Program, Protective health and nutrition, including food control standards
  6. Supervision and control of all Health facilities in the State in order to ensure a minimum standard in all public and private health facilities.
  7. Supervision and control of all Hospital Governing Boards and Government Health Bodies and Agencies;
  8. Development of management, financial guidelines and performance standards for internal control of public hospitals;
  9. Developing performance standards for internal control of Public Hospitals;
  10. Policy approval of rate and scale of charges for services rendered to the public by the Hospital Governing Boards;
  11. Recommendation for capital and operating budgets for Hospitals Governing Boards (which includes recommendation for major adjustments, increase in salaries, allowances and fringe benefits for hospital employees);
  12. Elevating the quality of health practice in the professional disciplines through the advancement of appropriate standards and research priorities;