The Ministry is responsible for:

  1. Formulation of fiscal and budgetary policies and dealing with related matters, in respect of State Government Establishments, including Parastatals;

  2. Preparation of Annual and Supplementary Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for Recurrent and Capital Accounts as well as Budget interpretation, issuance of guidelines for implementation and performance monitoring;

  3. Collecting and Data Processing for fund allocation;

  4. Secretariat for estimates committee, Fund Allocation and Revenue Collection Committee; and other forums dealing with matters of financial interest;

  5. The Economic Planning Department of the Ministry part of the Budget Estimates Committee with bias for Capital development and maintains relationship with other Development Partners:

  6. Bureau of Statistics is the only Parastatals under the Ministry.

  7.  other Units of the Ministry are:

    • (i) Monitoring and Evaluation

    • (ii) Social Protection

    • (iii) Recurrent and Capital Expenditure Units