Katsina State Fashion


Like other Hausa/Fulani societies, fashion in Katsina State is categorized into two i.e. that of women and of men.

Women Fashion

This type of fashion divided into four groups:

Traditional hairdo in Katsina come in variety of styles

  1. Doka: In this hairdo, the hair is woven from the front of the head to the back where it is held in a ball with rama (back of reed stalks).
  2. Tashin Soja: Here the hair is woven in rows from both the back and front of the head in such a way that the rows meet at the centre of the head.
  3. Jirgin Sama (Aeroplane): It resembles any aeroplane, with balls representing the tails, wings and the cockpit.  The hair is woven from the centre of the head to just above right and left ears, ending in a ball at each end.  Another row of hair is then drawn from the centre to just before the forehead and to the nape of the neck, in each case finishing up in a ball.
  4. Kwanciya da Masoyi (Sleeping with a Lover): In this style, the hair is woven from the front to the back in four rows, two large rows on the outside and the smaller ones on the inside.
  5. Tukkaye: For older women the hair is tied up together in balls, and can be of any number (i.e. the balls).
  6. Surkulle: It starts from the centre of the head and spread to the left and right hand sides of the head and to the back.
  7. Shuku: Hair is woven together in rows starting in the front of the head and from the back. All rows will meet at the centre of the head and will be tied in a bunch.
  8. Lallabi: This is normally done to women in mourning. The hair is loosely woven in two rows form the front to the back of the head.
  9. Ayaba da Wuka: The hair is woven in a single row from the right to the left side, above the head. This symbolizes the Wuka (knife).  Another four rows, signifying the bunch of bananas in the weaving.

Modern Hairdo

  1. Borno Style
  2. Two Steps
  3. Star Weaving
  4. Zig-zag
  5. Permings and Jerry Curls
  6. Weaving
  7. Zane

Women in Katsina State, like other women all over the country have their own methods and means of beautification.  The art of make-up among Katsina State women can be categorized into two :


  • Taffoo : There are various forms of body taffoo.  However, we are taking facial taffoo for this purpose.  They are too many that they can’t be discussed here, but only a few common ones.
  • Kalangu : Done on the two sides of the face for both men and women.
  • ‘Yar Baka : Only for women on both sides of the mouth.
  • Kambari Barebari : For women and men also on both sides.
  • Matakin Soro : It is done on the forehead.
  • ‘Yargoshi : Same as Matakin Soro
  • Kwala : Two marks under the two eyes.
  • Katambiri : Traditional eye lash.
  • Kwaya : Traditional Powder

Modern Make-up

  • Talcam Powder
  • Pomade
  • Lotions
  • Shampors
  • Hair-Relaxer
  • Lip-Sticks
  • Nail Paints
  • Perfumes
  • Deodorants
  • Eye shades e.t.c.


Saki (Traditional Weaving).  The traditional Hausa woven women dress is made up of two wrappers of saki.  In some cases especially married women they sew/stilch in traditional way a Buba, just like that of Yoruba women.

The wrappers are in classes :

  • Idon Kwartuwa which is normally expensive and is for the rich and royalists.
  • Mai Kwarya-kwarya: This appears In two columns, there is the white one and the black one.
  • Duba Uwar Rago:  It is a mixing of black and white thread. It is expensive also.
  • Madaa: Black wrapper with white lining in the middle.
  • Giwar Basa: it was decorated with wool.
  • Dunhu: Plainly black.
  • Mudugare: This is typically Fulani dress.

Then we have Gwado and Luru bed-sheets for wall decorations.


Here we have modern designs, which are found in almost everywhere.

  1. Budu
  2. Budu – Round neck with long/medium sleeve
  3. Umbrella – Looking like an umbrella
  4. ‘A’ Shape – Just like ‘A’
  5. Gown – plain long garment normally for pregnant women
  6. Stella Style – Style
  7. Tazarce – Long garment with long sleeve
  8. ‘Yar Kwanga – Like Buba but with little difference
  9. Ghana Style – with embroidery like that of Ghana
  10. Senegal Style – Long as Senegal design
  11. Shime – Sleeveless like singlet
  12. Gada ba kowa of ca-ca-ca

Men Fashion

Traditional Wear

  • Shapka
  • Gare
  • Aska Biyu ‘Yar Galadima
  • Aska Takwas
  • ‘Yar Borno Mai Dawaki and Marar Dawaki
  • Sace
  • Aska Tara (Bula-Kura)
    1. Mai Cibiya
    2. Marar Cibiya
  • Wunduja with round neck


  • Kupta
  • ‘Yar Moroko
  • ‘Yar Khartum (Jallabiya)
  • ‘Yar Jos – Long Kaptan with collar
  • ‘Yar Sabon Gari – With Long collar


  • Mai shiggai
  • ‘Yar Beti
  • ‘Yar Fage
  • ‘Yar Gola
  • Binjima


  • Tsala Dan Katsina
  • Tsala Mai Hantse
  • Fanjama
  • Dan Itori (Dan Pakistan)